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From late 1891 till early 1898 there were 15 expositions held of ‘peintres Impressionnistes et Symbolistes’ (=EIS) in the Gallery of Le Barc de Boutteville. This gallery was run by Louis Léon Lebarc (1837-1897), who was married with Marie-Blanche de Boutteville. The gallery was located 47, rue Le Peletier in Paris. After his death October 1897, his successor Charles Dosbourg organised the last exposition which started 1897/12/01.

General info about the exhibitions and the partakers:
The information about which artists did partake in these expositions is incomplete and of 5 expositions even absent. I mention the highlights of what is known: Many  painters just joined one or two times. More frequent partakers were: Anquetin, Denis (1st-5th + introduction 9th), Dethomas (6th-11th), D’Espagnat (8th – 11th), Roy (4x + introduction 13th + 14th), Sérusier and Toulouse-Lautrec. Angrand joined two expositions, Bonnard three and Bernard only joined the first two expositions.
Of the partakers of the  ‘impressionist’ expositions, according to the information on Wikipedia (iR4) only Signac joined the first two expositions, Pissarro only the second and Gauguin only the sixth (iR4). But the Critical Catalogue of paintings doesn’t affirm that Pissarro exhibited in the Summer of 1892, but mentions that he joined the 4th exposition in 1893 and exhibited under no.98 ‘Retour des champs’, an unidentified work. (R116I,p363). Cachin adds that Signac also joined the 4th exposition (R106,p420) and Ferretti-Bocquillon that he exhibited in 1891+92+93, but this leaves it unclear if Signac exhibited at the 3rd and 5th exhibition, following the information of Cachin I assume not. Huyghe adds that Gauguin exhibited at the 2nd exposition in 1893 (R49,p92), but the 2nd exposition wasn’t in 1893 and Crussard adds that he exhibited also at the 3rd exposition (R181,no306).
In 1892 Bernard organised an exhibition of 16 paintings by Vincent van Gogh in the Gallery of Le Barc de Boutteville (R88I,p49;R3,p647), I don’t know when exactly this was, neither if it coincided with an Exposition of Les peintres Impressionnistes et Symbolistes.

Overview Expositions Impressionnistes et Symbolistes:

  1. 1st Exposition
    1891/12 – 1892/01 or 1892/02 (R106,p419)
    partakers: see below
  2. 2nd Exposition
    1892 Summer (iR4) or Mai till August (R106,p420)
    Introduction by Gabriel-Albert Aurier
    partakers: see below
  3. 3rd Exposition
    1892/11/15 – 1893/01 (iR4)
    introduction by Gaston Lesaulx
    partakers: see below
  4. 4th Exposition
    1893/03/10 – ? (iR4) or April till Mai (R106,p420)
    introduction by Camille Mauclair
    partakers: no general info; Pissarro (R116I,p363); Signac (R106,p420;R39,p304)
  5. 5th Exposition
    introduction by Camille Mauclair
    partakers: see below
  6. 6th Exposition
    1894/03/02 – ?
    introduction by Camille Mauclair
    partakers: see below; note: all mentioned partakers joined for the first time
  7. 7th Exposition
    1894/07/10 – ?
    introduction by René Barjean
    partakers: see below
  8. 8th Exposition
    1894/11/08 – ?
    no catalogue
    partakers: see below
  9. 9th Exposition
    1895/04/27 -?
    introduction by Maurice Denis; affiche de Mouclier
    partakers: see below
  10. 10th Exposition
    1895/09/? – ?
    no catalogue
    partakers: see below
  11. 11th Exposition
    1896/01/20 – ?
    introduction by René Barjean
    partakers: see below
  12. 12th Exposition
    1896/07/21 -?
    introduction by Armand Seguin
    partakers: no info
  13. 13th Exposition
    1896/12/26 -?
    introduction by Louis Roy; affiche by Dethomas
    partakers: no info
  14. 14th Exposition
    1897/06/25 – ?
    introduction by Louis Roy
    partakers: no info
  15. 15th Exposition
    1897/12/01 -?
    introduction by Frédéric Cordey
    partakers: no info


Overview partakers expositions Impressionnistes et Symbolistes:
Note: there is no information of the partakers of the 4th, the 12th, the 13th, the 14th and the 15th expositions. Most of the other information is derived from reviews and not from catalogues, so probably incomplete. (iR4) Sometimes I add some information from other sources.

  • Charles Angrand
    8th + 10th
  • Louis Anquetin
    2nd + 3rd + 8th + 10th
  • Jean Francis Auburtin
  • Émile Bernard
    1st + 2nd
  • Pierre Bonnard
    1st + 2nd + 5th
  • Bourdin [?]
  • Henry Bouvet
  • Brindeau
  • Theodore Earl Butler
  • Cattet
  • Georges Alfred Chaudet
  • Jules Chéret
    3rd + 7th
  • Louis Collin
    7th + 8th
  • Cottet
  • Ferdinand Deconchy
  • Maurice Denis
    1st + 2nd + 3rd + 5th
  • Maxime Dethomas
    6th + 7th + 8th + 9th + 10th + 11th
  • Charles-Marie Dulac
  • Eugène Antoine Durenne
  • Durrio
  • Georges d’Espagnat
    8th + 9th + 10th + 11th
  • Léon Fauché
  • Georges de Feure
  • Charles Filiger
  • Gauguin
    2nd in 1893 (sic) (R49,p92) + 3rd (R181,no306) + 6th
  • Léon Giran-Max
    1st + 3rd + 11th
  • Henry de Groux
    7th + 8th
  • François Guiguet
    7th + 9th
  • Charles Guilloux
    6th + 8th + 9th
  • Louis Hayet
  • Henri-Gabriel Ibels
    3rd + 5th + 7th
  • Jeanne Jacquemin
    6th + 7th
  • Fabien Launay
  • Gustave Leheutre
    3rd + 9th + 10th
  • Auguste Lepère
  • Gustave Loiseau
    9th + 10th
  • Eva Lowstadt
  • Maximilien Luce
  • Firmin Maglin (1867-1946)
    6th (landscapes) + 8th
  • Mailland
  • Aristide Maillol
  • Manet
  • Maufra
    6th (studies) + 7th + 8th
  • Henry Moret
    2nd + 8th + 9th
  • Alphonse Osbert
    6th + 7th
  • Marc Mouclier
  • Henri Paillard
  • Jean Peské
    8th + 10th
  • Hippolyte Petitjean
    2nd? (R56,p163)
  • Fernand Piet
    3rd + 7th + 9th + 11th
  • Camille Pissaro (sic)
    2nd + 4th (R116I,p363)
  • Paul-Élie Ranson
    1st + 2nd + 5th
  • Manuel Robbe
  • Ker-Xavier Roussel
    5th + 8th + 11th
  • Louis Roy
    1st + 3rd + 7th + 8th
  • Georges Sainte-Fare Garnot
    7th +
  • Paul Sérusier
    2nd + 5th + 8th + 11th
  • Paul Signac
    1st + 2nd + 4th (R106,p419/420;R39,p304)
    EIS-1892-117, Le Soir à Concarneau =8SdI-1892-1129, Soir, Concarneau =9XX-1892-3b, Allegro maestoso (op. 220).
    =1891, CR217, Concarneau, Calme du soir, Opus 220 (allegro maestoso), 65×81, Metropolitan.
  • Toulouse-Lautrec
    1st + 2nd + 3rd + 7th + 8th
  • Félix Vallotton
  • Paul Vogler
  • Félix Voulot
  • Édouard Vuillard
    5th + 1st (R289,p94)
  • Willette

My main sources are a Wikipedia page on Le Barc de Boutteville (iR4). See links for the general references (=Rx) and the references to internet (=iRx) for the other sources.


Citation: Please do not quote from this webpage, which is under construction. The information is incomplete and maybe partly incorrect.