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Meta-Impressionism / Other Exhibitions

at the Georges Petit gallery

Exposition Internationale

de peinture et de sculpture

1882 onwards


1882 onwards there were exhibitions organised by the Société International de peinture et de sculpture. It was founded in April by art-dealer Georges Petit together with Giuseppe de Nittis. Other co-founders were Alfred Stevens, J.C. Cazin, Raimondo de Madrazo (Garreta) and Ernest Duez (R5,p129; R2,p427; R3;aR8;aR7;R3); De Nittes himself wrote that he asked them to form a commitee (aR8,p225). These yearly exhibitions were held at his gallery at 8, Rue de Sèze in Paris. For some partakers of the ‘impressionist’ expositions, these Expositions Internationale were an alternative for there own exhibitions. Monet, Raffaëlli and Renoir joined in 1886 this Exposition Internationale and not the 8th ‘impressionist’ exposition (R1,p522).
In the introduction of the 1883 catalogue indicates that the expositions intended to invite a maximum of 12 other artists, including 3 members of L’Institut and respectable artists with a foreign nationality (aR3). Denvir suggests this intention was there from the start in April 1882 (R5,p129). Rewald calls it one of the by-laws (R1,p519). This rule seems to be confirmed by Walther writing about the 1885 exposition (R3,p471).
Partakers have been  Monet, Morisot, de Nittis, Pissarro, Raffaëlli, Renoir and Sisley. Other partakers were Para-Impressionists like Jean Béraud, Albert Besnard, Henri Gervex, Puvis de Chavannes, Alfred Stevens and Whistler. And also Angrand, Jacques-Emile Blanche, Carrière, Jeanniot and Thaulow. (R3,p686;R5,p129)
On this page you will find a chronological overview of the Expositions Internationale. Of several years I couldn’t find catalogues or even any information. The information I have on the Expositions Internationale is fragmentary. When I compare these data with those of the ‘impressionist’ expositions, I discern that per expositions there were a bit more partakers at the Expositions Internationale and the amount of exhibited art-works was a bit less. The amount of art-works one artist could exhibited was more than at many other exhibitions, but less than at the ‘impressionist’ expositions.
Note: these expositions were sometimes called ‘Exposition Internationale de peinture’ (R22) and sometimes ‘Exposition internationale des peintres français et étrangers’ (R88). In short I will refer to it as the ‘Exposition Internationale’.


1882, 1st Exposition de Société Internationale de peintres et de sculpteurs (=GP-1EIPS-1882):
At the 1st Exposition Internationale there were 31 partakers showing 126 works (=catalogue numbers). Members of the Société Internationale de peinture et de sculpture were (exhibiting x works): Bastien Lepage (6x), Béraud (6x), Boldini (5x), Cazin (10x), Courtois (7x), Dagann (4x), Duez (7x), Edelfelt (7x), R. de Egusquiza (4x), d’Epinay (10x), Gemito (4x), Gonzalez (3x), J. Jacquet (6x), M. Liebermann (3x), R. Ribera (1x), Rossano (6x), de Saint-Marceaux (4x), Sargent (7x), J. Stewart (4x), Will Stott (2x), E. Tofano (10x) and Jan van Beers (9x). (aR2=iR40).Partakers were para-impressionists like Bastien Lepage (6x), Béraud (6x), The catalogue contained some drawings. Part of the committee were: J. Béraud, R. de Egusquiza, J. Jacquet and E. Tofano.
Note: the difference between ‘de peintres et de sculpteurs’ in this catalogue and ‘de peinture et de sculpture’ in other catalogues. (aR2=iR40)

1883/05/11 – 06/10, 2nd Exposition Internationale de peinture (=GP-2EIP-1883):
There were 12 partakers showing 87 art-works. 3 were Frenchmen all members of the Institut: Alexandre Cabanel (7x), Joseph-Nicol. Robert-Fleury (7x) and Antoine-Auguste-Ernest Hébert (9x). De Nittis (from Italy) exhibited 12 works; Alfred Stevens (from Belgium) 18 works, Chelmonsky (from Russia) 7x, Colin Hunter 5x and G.F. Watts 7x (both from England), Leibl (from Germany) 3x, de Madrazo (from Spain) 3x, de Mukacsy (from Ostria) 3x and Whistler (from the USA) 8x.
Alfred Stevens, de Madrazo and de Nittis were part of the committee. There also was a committe of honorable (international) members, including Edmond de Goncourt and Antonin Proust.

1884, 3rd exposition:


1885/05/15 – ?, 4th Exposition Internationale de peinture (=GP-4EIP-1885):
There were (at least 10 partakers). Among the partakers were Monet (10x) and Para-Impressionists like Jean Béraud, Albert Besnard, Henri Gervex. Other partakers were: Bonnat, Boutet de Monvel, Chelmonski, Domingo, Edelfelt, Kroyer, Liebermann and Willie.  (Note: another source mentions it started the 4th of May; R5,p143). (R2,p422;R5,p143;R22IV,p1017+CR653 +?726 +?731 +832 +?834 +843 +879 +?889 +?975;aR5;R3,p471;R1,p493)


1886/06/05, 5th Exposition Internationale de peinture et de sculpture (=GP-5EIPS-1886):
The 5th Exposition was held in June and July. Among the partakers were  Monet (10x?), Raffaëlli, Renoir (5x), Schuffenecker and also Rodin. Monet and Raffaëlli and Rodin were co-organizers and member of the exhibition committee. (Note: another source mentions it started the 6th of June; R5,p149).
(R2,p422; R22IV,p1017+CR889 +893 +994 +?1032 +1044 +1053 +1054 +1065 +1067 +1070; R31,p302;R5,p149;R3,p255;R1,p522;R88I,p703-6+835)

1887/05/08 – 06/08, 6th Exposition internationale de peinture et de sculpture (=GP-6EIPS-1887):
Monet and Renoir were co-organizers. Among the partakers were Monet (15-1+2hc=16x), Morisot, Pissarro (8x), Renoir (5x; including Les grandes baigneuses) and Sisley and also para-impressionists like Puvis de Chavannes and Whistler.
(R22IV,p1017+CR365 +440 +854 +855 +859 +1068 +1114 + 1122 + uncertain entries; R116I,p363+CCP663 +?672 +824 +827 +828 +829;R2,p426; R31,p315;R312,p42;R1,p546+548)

1888, 7th exposition:
In 1888 there were (at least) 17 partakers: Barau, Besnard, Billotte, J. Blanche, Mme Breslau, Michel Cazin, Dauphin, Dinet, Friant, W. Gay, Jeanniot, Johansen, Laurent-Desrousseaux, Lobred, Ary Renan, Roth and Skredswig. (aR5,p7)

1889, 8th exposition:
In 1889 there were (at least) 7 partakers: Lebourg and also Dauphin, Flameng, Friant, Harrison, van Strydonck and Verstraëte. (aR5,p8=iR284)

1890, 9?th exposition:


1891, 10?th Exposition:


1892, 11?th Exposition:
In 1892 there were (at least) 20 partakers were Desboutin, Forain, Sisley and also Dannat, L. Dumoulin, Gagliardini, Girardot, Goeneutte, Grimelund, Kroyer, Lagarde, Léandre, Le Gout-Gérard, Ménard, Marius Michel, Montenard, A. Point, P. Prins, de Sainville and Zorn. (aR5,p8=iR284)

1893, 12?th Exposition:
In 1893 there were (at least) 26 partakers: Allègre, Aman-Jean, Anquetin, Botkine, Boucher, Brouillet, Charpentier, Chudant, Clary, Dagnaux, Dampt, Deloye, Albert Fourié, Gardet, R. Gilbert, Gueldry, Gumery, Havet, Korovine, G. La Touche, Quignon, P. Saïn, Schuller, Sinibaldi, Vallgren and P. Vauthier. (aR5,p8=iR284)

1894, 13?th Exposition:

1895, 14?th Exposition:
In 1895 there were (at least) 6 partakers: Baertsoen, Calbet, Cottet, Johnson, Leliepvre and Rochegrosse. (aR5,p8=iR284)

1896, 14?th Exposition:
In 1896 there were (at least) 5 partakers: Lanson, Lévy-Dhurmer, Henri Martin, Rondel and le Sidaner. (aR5,p8=iR284)

1897/12/05 -31, 15th Exposition:
There were 35 partakers. E. Duez is mentioned as deceased founding member. Other partakers were: Alexander, Baertscen, Bompard, Bouchor, André Brouillet, Brangwyn, Calbet, Carrier-Belleuse, Chudant, Claus, Cottet, Dagnaux, Déloye, H. Duhem, Albert-Fourié, Grimelund, Hagborg, Harrison, Johnston, Laurent-Desrousseaux, Legout-Gérard, le Sidaner, Pierre Prins, Realier-Dumas, Rochegrosse, Rondel, Charles Samuel, Lucien Simon, Alfred Smith, Thaulow, Pierre Vauthier, Vail, Vernhes, Vernier and Whistler.

1898, 16th Exposition:
In 1898 there were (at least) 5 partakers: J. Alexander, Brangwyn, E. Claus, Lucien Simon and Vail. (aR5,p8=iR284)

1899, 17th Exposition:
In 1899 there were (at least) 8 partakers: P. Chabas, F. Charlet, Mlle Delasalle, Douglas, Lynch, Edmond Picard, Robinson and Franz Stück. (aR5,p8=iR284)


1907/12/09 – 31, 25e Exposition de Société Internationale de peinture et de sculpture (=GP-25EIPS-1907):
This Exposition showed 129 pictures and 33 sculptures shown by 47 artists. In the catalogue first the deceased founding members are mentioned: J.C. Cazin (1x), de Nittis (1x), Alfred Stevens (1x). Then: Félix Borchardt (1x), Maurice Bompard (5x), Félix Bouchor (6x), André Brouillet (4x), C.W. Rupert Bunny (6x), Antoine Calbet (4x), Pierre Carrier-Belleuse (6x), L. Chialiva (7x), Ramon Casas (1x), F.C. Frieseke (3x), Albert Fourié (5x), Raoul du Gardier (3x), Garratt (1x), Johannès Grimelund (4x), Alexander Harrison (6x), Hoffbauer (1x), William Laparra (7x), P. Albert Laurens (4x), Jean-Pierre Laurens (4x),  Frédéric Lauth (4x), J.H. Lorimer (1x), Albert Lynch (1x), Jules Muenier (3x), Richard Miller (3x), Olsson (4x), F. Quignon (5x), Maurice Réalier-Dumas (2x), Hermann Richir (2x), Henri Rondel (1x), Jean-Jacques Rousseau (7x), Alfred Smith (2x), Saint-Germie (1x), Ettore Tito (6x), H. O. Tanner (3x), Walden (1x) and Henri ZO (5x). And sculptures: P. Canonica (4x), L.B. Bernstamm (6x), Armand Bloch (5x), Léon Deschamps (2x), Landowski (6x), Théodore Rivière (6x), Charles Samuel (2x), G. Tournoux (2x).
In the preface by Arsène Alexandre of this 25th anniversary the following artists are explicitly mentioned: Baudry, Bastien-Lepage, Cazin, de Nittis, Stevens and Whistler. Later on partakers were mentioned of previous exhibitions. (aR5,p8=iR284)



My main sources are the catalogues raisonnée of Monet (R22IV,p1016+), of Pissarro (R116); catalogues of Renoir (R31), Sisley (R166). Other main sources are Rewald (R1,p481+), Moffett (R2), Walther (R3,p686+255), Denvir (R5,p129+140+149), Monneret (R88I,p648/9+194), gallica.bnf (iR40), the Metropolitan (=M23=R232=iR270=aR1) and the additional references. For other general references (=R) see. For other references to internet sites (=iR) see.
See links for practical hints and abbreviations and for the subscription of the paintings.

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