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Meta-Impressionism / other exhibitions

Expositions in Paris

in galleries and elswhere


The ‘impressionists’ and related artists often exhibited in galleries of art-dealers. Namely at the Durand-Ruel and the Georges Petit galleries. On this page you will information on important other expositions. There were also exhibitions at La Vie Moderne and the editorial offices of other publishing houses. On this page you will also find information on exhibitions at other locations in Paris.


The Bing gallery:

1895/12/26 – 1896/01/?: Salon de l’Art Nouveau:
Partakes were: Cassatt (no.223+224 = 2 colour etchings); Guillaumin; Camille Pissarro; Raffaëlli; Signac. Lucien Pissarro exhibited the book ‘The queen of fishes’ (no.634). Other partakers were: Albert André; Angrand; Anquetin; Besnard; Jacques-Émile Blanche; Bonnard; Carrière; Charles Cottet; Cross; Denis; d’Espagnat; Guérard; Ibels; Lacombe; Luce; Henri Martin; Maufra; Maurin; Ranson; Roussel; Sérusier; Thaulow; Toulouse-Lautrec; van Rysselberghe; Vuillard. There were 662 catalogue numbers renderingpaintings, pastels, aquarelles, drawings, engravings, sculptures and ceramics, (stained) glass, jewellery, furniture, fabrics and draperies, lighting devices, ironworks, paperworks and posters, bookbinders, books, carton projects, several objects, glass vases and planters mounted in wrought iron. It also included glass works by Émille Callé and Tiffany; jewelry by René Lalique; furniture by Henri van de Velde; ornamented handkerchief boxes by Félix Pissarro and Georges Pissarro.
Premier catalogue: iR40,bpt6k5832745c.