Debras pictures

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Louis Debras (1819/20-1899)




There are (almost) no pictures of Debras in art-books. Also on the internet there are just a few works to be found (iR4;aR1). I found 5 works at the-athenaeum (iR2) and references on the French Wikipedia site (iR4;aR2-4). For other references and explanations see at the bottom of the main page on Louis Debras.
The suggestion that many of his works were destroyed during the first World War in Péronne in the Somme (aR1;iR5), probably isn’t accurate, while he stayed in Paris since 1860/3 (iR1). The French Wikipedia site (iR4) mentions several works that can not be traced:

  • Un mendiant (1859)
  • Tête de mouton
  • Nature morte (1869)
  • Portrait de Lucie Leys (1882), son of the painter Henri Leys
  • Galant Propos (1850-6ca?); Eng.: Amorous intentions.
  • Le Cardinal (1850-6ca?); Eng.: the cardinal.
  • Portrait de Nicolas Henri Carteret (1861-4, MBA Reims)

Here below I render the works I could find. When possible I suggest what work could have been exhibited at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874 and at the Salon.


18xx, The Path, Summer (le chemin, l’été), pastel, 26×22, A2012 (iR2;aR2)

18xx, French Landscape, wc, xx, private, (iR2)

18xx, Landscape, xx, private, (iR2)


18xx, Ciel d’orage (stormy sky), pastel, 23×31, A2014 (aR3;iR2)


1858, La serenade à la guitare, xx, private, (iR2)

18xx, portrait de femme, xx, xx (iR41)


18xx, Chemin dans la campagne, dr, 23×29, xx (aR4). Maybe S1869-2664/5.