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meeting and painting together

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The Impressionists can be seen as circles of friends. It’s interesting to know when and where they did meet and paint together. Here you’ll find a chronological overview with a lot of data and references. For a résumé see. For info on meetings around the ‘impressionist’ expositions see, for contemporary art-events see,  for contemporary social and political developments see. For the general references (=R) see , for the references to internet pages (=iR) see. The Impressionists also did meet and paint with other painters. For info on the related painters like Bazille and Manet, see. For info on the Pre-Impressionists like Courbet and the Barbizon-painters, see.


  • Astruc meets Manet through Fatin-Latour and become close friends (R5,p37)
  • Monet meets Boudin (R24,p14); Walther writes this was in 1858 (R3,p649)
  • Pissarro studies at Académie Suisse (R24,p20); Monet will follow (1860/02-1861/04); afterwards Cézanne would come (1861/04/21-Autumn; returns Autumn 1862); Guillaumin joins in 1861 (R3,p33+55; R24,p20; )
  • 1860-62 Morisot pupil of Corot (R42,p92); mediation by Fatin-Latour (a friend of Manet and Whistler) and Félix Bracquemond (a friend of Degas) (R3,p55)
  • Academie Suisse: Cézanne (+1862-65; R3,p653)
  • Renoir meets Fatin-Latour (R30,p9; R3,p55)
  • Renoir, Sisley, Bazille and Monet study at the studio of Gleyre 
  • Summer: Renoir meets Diaz in Fontainebleau (R31,p295)
  • Monet, Bazille, Sisley and Renoir paint in Fontainebleau (R3,p70; R24,p21);
  • 1863/05/23 Monet and Bazille paint en-plein-air in Chailly (R22,p49; R5,p25)
  • Morisot meets Daubigny, Daumier and Guillemet (R42,p92)
  • 1864/03/12 Bazille joins Monet in Honfleur; they will paint with Boudin and Jongkind (R5,p29; R3,p70)
  • 1864/06/02 Bazille, Monet, Renoir and Sisley paint in the forest of Fontainebleau
    Renoir meet Diaz (R5,p30); or in 1864 (R3,p70)
  • 1864/06/20 Pissarro visits Piette in La Roche-Guyon (R5,p30)
  • 1864/09 Monet and Bazille paint together in Honfleur and Le Havre (R5,p30)
  • 1865/01/21: Monet joins Bazille in his atelier 6, Rue de Furstenberg, Paris, see (R5,p34; R22,p56)
  • early?: Monet meets Fatin-Latour (R22,p57)
  • April: Monet and Bazille paint in Chailly (R5,p34)
  • April: Jules le Coeur buys a house in Marlotte; Renoir will regularly stay with him (R31,p295)
  • April: Cézanne meets Pissarro at the Académie Suisse (R5,p34)
  • 1865/05/07 many Impressionists are accepted at the Salon; Manet’s ‘Olympia’ receives many negative critics (R5,p34+36)
  • July: Renoir and Sisley travel from Rouen to Le Havre (R30,p9)
  • Renoir meets Courbet in Marlotte, who gives him advice (R30,p9; R3,p90)
  • August: Manet travels through Spain, a trip prepared by Astruc (R5,p35)
  • Winter: Monet meets Courbet several times (R22,p63)
  • Februar / March: Renoir, Sisley and Jules le Coeur paint together in Marlotte; Renoir paints the inn of Mère Anthony (R5,p38; R31,p295)
  • 1866/05/06 Cézanne meets Manet (R5,p40; R3,p653)
  • May?: Monet and Manet meet after introduction by Astruc (R22,p62; R5,p37)
  • August: Renoir, Sisley and Jules le Coeur stay in Berck (R31,p295; R5,p40)
  • Januar: Renoir lives with Bazille in his atelier 20, Rue Visconti; before the end of Winter (or: in Septembre) Monet joins them (R5,p42; R22,p63; R31,p296), see
  • Meetings at Café Courbois, 11, Grand-Rue , see
  • 1867/08/25 Monet and Sisley paint in Le Havre (R5,p44)
  • In Januar Renoir and Bazille move to 9, Rue de la Paix (now: Rue de la Condamine)
    In April Sisley rents an atelier in the same building (R31,p296; R5,p48), see
  • April: Renoir paints Sisley in Chailly  (R30,p10+no25; R5,p48; R31,no9)
  • July: Fantin-Latour introduces Morisot to Manet (R5,p49)
  • September: Manet paints Morisot (and will do so several times) (R5,p49; R42,p92)
  • Morisot meets Degas (R42,p92)
  • November: Guillaumin paints Pissarro; they both paint canopies (R5,p49; R3,89)
  • Marz: Monet paints with Astruc (R22,p76)
  • June: Degas visits Manet in Boulogne (R5,p55)
  • September: Renoir and Monet paint at Grénouillère (R22,CR134-137; R31,no13; R5,p55)
  • Januar: Fatin-Latour paints ‘an atelier in Batignolles’ representing Astruc, Bazille, Manet, Monet and Renoir (R5,p62), see .
  • Februar: Monet and Renoir paint together in Bougival (R5,p62)
  • April: Renoir and Bazille live together in 8, Rue des Beaux-Arts, Paris (R5,p63)
  • July: Manet stays with his friend Giuseppe de Nittis (R5,p64)
  • September: Pissarro stays with his friend Piette in Bretagne (R5,p64)
  • October: Degas services in the army under Rouart as his commander (R5,p64)
  • November: Degas and Manet serve together in the army (R5,p67)
  • November: Daubigny introduces Monet to Durand-Ruel in London(R5,p64)
  • December: Pissarro meets Durand-Ruel in London (R5,p65)
  • Januar: Sisley stays with Monet in Argenteuil (R5,p72)
  • Renoir paints with Monet in his house in Argenteuil; meeting with Caillebotte (R30,p9)
  • June: Gauguin regularly meets Pissarro (R36,p13)
  • August: Pissarro moves to Pontoise; Cézanne joins him (R5,p73)
  • 1872/11/19: Degas writes to Tissot and asks to greet Legros and Whistler (R5,p75)
  • June: Monet is introduced to Caillebotte (R5,p79)
  • June: Renoir visits Monet in Argenteuil (R5,p79)
  • Meetings in Café Nouvelles-Athènes, see
  • Caillebotte meets Degas, Renoir and other impressionists (R3,p176)
  • Gauguin meets Pissarro (R3,p224)
  • The friendship with Renoir and Jules le Coeur and his family ends (R30,no130)
  • December: Morisot marries Eugène Manet, the brother of Edouard Manet (R42,p92)
  • Cassatt meets Degas (or in 1876) (R44,p140) or in 1877 (R3,p652)
  • Renoir meet others in (the garden of) his atelier at 12, Rue Cortot, Paris, see










  • Cézanne, Gauguin and Pissarro spend their holiday together (R36,p14)
  • March+April: Renoir on a trip to Alger together with Cordey, Lestringuez and Lhôte
  • April: Whistler visits Renoir in Chatou (R31,p300)
  • 1882/01/23: Renoir visits Cézanne in L’Estaque (R31,p301)
  • Summer: Renoir visits Caillebotte in Petit-Gennevilliers
  • December: Renoir and Monet take a trip to the Riviera (R31,p301)
  • Januar: Renoir and Monet visit Cézanne (R31,p301)
  • 1884/05/14 Signac meets Monet; start of a live long friendship (R39,p299)
  • 1884/05/15 Signac meets Seurat; becomes one of his few friends (R39,p299)
  • 1884/05/15 Signac meets Guillaumin, whom he admired since 1873
  • Spring: Signac meets Pissarro in Guillaumin’s studio; soon afterwards he introduces Seurat to Pissarro (R39,p300)
  • 1885/03/21: Birth of Pierre Renoir; Caillebotte is his godfather (R31,p302)
  • Gauguin stays with Schuffenecker (R36,p14)
  • June: Renoir and Cézanne spent holidays at Roche-Guyon (R31,p302)
  • 1885/86, winter: Morisot begins with dinners for her friends; Renoir is a regular attender (R31,p302)
  • 1886/04/01 Zola publishes his novel ‘L’Oevre’; Cézanne, Degas and Monet recognize themselves in the main character and are not pleased; Cézanne breaks the relationship with his old schoolfriend (R5,p149)
  • Spring: stays with Pissarro at Eragny-sur-Epte (R39,p300)
  • June: Signac paints in Les Andelys; Lucien Pissarro joins him (R39,p300)
    June: by a misunderstanding Seurat avoided Gauguin using Signac’s studio in his absence; this leads to a permanent break up in their relationship (R39,p300)
  • June: Gauguin meets Emile Bernard in Pont-Aven (R36,p14)
  • 1886/11/13: Gauguin meets Vincent van Gogh (R36,p14)
  • Januar: Signac often meets Pissarro (R39,p301)
  • May: Signac and Van Gogh paint together in Asnières (R39,p301)
  • November: Gauguin stays with Schuffenecker (R36,p14)
  • 1888/02/01: Renoir visits Cézanne at Jas de Bouffon (R31,p303
  • August: Gauguin meets Emile Bernard again in Pont-Aven (-> synthetisch symbolisme) (R36,p14)
  • September: Renoir stays with Caillebotte in Petit-Gennevilliers (R31,p303)
  • 188/10/22: Gauguin starts to work with Vincent van Gogh in Arles (R36,p14)
  • 1888/12/23: Gauguin leaves again Arles after Van Gogh threatened him with a razor (R36,p14)
  • March: Signac visits Van Gogh in Arles (R39,p302)
  • Summer: Renoir visits Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence
  • Gauguin stays with Schuffenecker (R36,p81)
  • September: Renoir stays with Morisot (R31,p304)
  • Summer: Renoir visits Morisot (R31,p305)
  • September: Renoir stays with Caillebotte in Petit-Gennevilliers (R31,p305)
  • 1892/05/06: dinner at Café Riche organized by Renoir; with Caillebotte, Monet, and with de Bellio, Duret and Mallarmé.
  • 1893/11/04 after mediation of Degas Gauguin exhibits at Durand-Ruel (R36,p81)
    Renoir dislikes it (R31,p305)
  • 1894/02/21: death of Caillebotte; his brother and Renoir will execute his will (R31,p306)
  • 1895/96, Winter: Renoir and Cézanne have quarrels (R31); it breaks their relationship (R32)
  • 1895/03/05: Renoir attends the funeral of Morisot (R31,p306)
  • May: Renoir admires the exhibition of Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series (R31,p306)
  • November: Renoir admires the paintings of Cézanne exhibited at Vollard’s gallery (R31,p307)
  • March: Degas, Monet and Renoir install the retrospective exhibition of Morisot (R31,p307)
  • 1899/01/29: death of Sisley
  • May: Monet organizes an auction on behalf of Sisley’s children; Renoir donates a painting (R31,p308)
  • January: Mme Cézanne visits Renoir (R31,p311)
  • 1911/03/31: Renoir donates to the Sisley memorial fund (R31,p311)
  • Cassatt visits Renoir (R44,p141)


  • Cassatt helps dealing the estate of Degas after his death (R44,p141)


  • At his death Monet possesed 12x Cézanne, 5x Morisot, 3x Pissarro, 1x Sisley, 1x Degas, 0x Manet (R3,p176)