7th ‘impressionist’ exposition: techniques



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7th impressionist exposition 1882

Overview used techniques


Which techniques were used in 1882?
Which techniques or media were used at the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1882? Here below you will find an overview. You will see that 85,4% of the art-works were oil paintings (=oil), the highest percentage of all 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions. There were several (18) pastels (=p) exhibited, some (10) aquarelles (=aqua) and just 1 drawing (=dr), 1 mixed technique (=mix) and 1 sculpture (=sc). There were no engravings (=engr) exhibited, no fans and no other techniques (=var). You could say this was the exposition with the most limited variation in use of techniques. Pissarro (36) and Monet (35) showed the most art-works, Pissarro including 10 gouaches and Monet only oil paintings. Guillaumin also showed 13 pastels. In total there were just 9 partakers showing 212 art-works. They showed an average of 23,6 art-works per partaker, which was far out the highest average of exhibited art-works. See links for general info, the catalogue and a slideshow.

7th 'impressionist' exposition 1882: used techniques

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