6th ‘impressionist’ exposition: techniques



Impressionism, a historical reconstruction

6th impressionist exposition 1881

Overview used techniques


Which techniques were used in 1881?
Which techniques or media were used at the 6th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1881? Here below you will find an overview. You will see that 65,8% of the art-works were oil paintings (=oil). Many engravings (=engr) were shown (17%). Also Many aquarelles (=aqua) (12,8%) and pastels (=p) (12,3%) were shown. Other techniques used, were drawings (=dr) 4,8%, engravings (=engr) just 1,6%. There were 3 sculptures (=sc) exhibited. There was just 1 work done with mixed techniques (=mix) and 1 classified as other techniques (=var), which also can be seen as applied art. Jean-François Raffaëlli and Camille Pissarro far out showed the most art-works, respectively 34 and 28. Pissarro also showed many (15) gouaches. Rouart (15), Vignon (15) and Tillot (13) showed many oil paintings. In total there were 14 partakers showing 186 art-works. See links for general info, the catalogue and a slideshow.

6th 'impressionist' exposition 1881: used techniques

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