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4th ‘impressionist’ exposition 1879

What pictures were shown at the 4th ‘impressionist’ expositon?
In 1879 the ‘4me exposition de peinture‘ was held in Paris. This exposition is now mostly called the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition. There were 16 partakers. The catalogue rendered the numbers 1-246, but in reality there were about 271 art-works exhibited. On this page you will find an accounted impression of these exhibited art-works, I render 246 pictures. See the accounts of the partakers and the clarification at the bottom of this page. If you double click on the first picture and then click on full screen, you can create a slideshow. On a smartphone or laptop you can also zoom in. Enjoy!



On this page you find 246 suggestions for the about 271 art-works that were exhibited at the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1879. Catalogue number 67 of Degas probably wasn’t exhibited. Note: the given suggestions vary from certain (=!), to almost certain (=?!), to uncertain (=?), to very uncertain (=??), to most uncertain (=???), to compare (=compare:) with another work of the artist. Sometimes (25x) I have no suggestion at all, namely for no.76 of Degas; 105 + 106 (Forain), 207 +212 +213 +215 +216 +217 +218 +219 +225 +226 +227 (Rouart); 231+232 +233 +235 + 236 +237 + 238(1+2) + 239 +240 +241 (Tillot). Helas, of several options I could only find a picture in black and white, namely no.20 +hc of Caillebotte; no.75 of Degas; no.94+104 of Forain; no.161 of Monet; nos. 194 +195 +196 +199 +hc of Pissarro. The following pictures I render to compare are very weak: nos. 90 + 99 +100 +107 of Forain; no.112+123 of Lebourg; no.198 of Pissarro; nos. 220 +221 +223 +224 of Rouart. For no.hc1 of Caillebotte I could only find a drawing by Draner; for no.112 of Lebourg I could only find a photo. See the accounts of the partakers. See link for an explanation of the subscriptions.


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Note: More accurate and extended suggestions will follow.  Additional pictures will be added.