1889 expo Volpini


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Exposition Volpini

L’Exposition des peintures du

groupe Impressionniste et Synthétiste

at Café des Arts 1889



The ‘Exposition des peintures du groupe Impressionniste et Synthétiste’ was held in the Summer of 1889 (8 June onwards) (R36,p81;R181). Some sources suggest it was organised by Gauguin (R5,p169); other sources that it was organised by Schuffenecker (R54,p98;R49,p92) and others by both (R88II,p88). Some (wrongly) suggest this was the first of a series of exhibitions (R88II,p88). Though Bernard mentioned it was their first manifestation (R54,p109), it stayed a one-time exhibition (R54,p158). The exposition was held in the Café des Arts, which was directed by M. Volpini and located at the Champs -de-Mars. Therefore in short the exposition is known as the ‘Volpini exposition’ (=V1889). The Exposition was held alongside the Exposition Universelle of 1889 of which several of the partakers were rejected, namely Gauguin (R54,p97). Originally Gauguin had suggested that also Guillaumin and Van Gogh would be included; Anquetin, ‘Daniel’ and Laval were not on his list (iR54,p98). In the end there were 8 partakers showing together at least 94 art-works. (So it was about half as big as the average ‘impressionist’ exposition.) The Volpini exposition was no success, the partakers didn’t sell any painting (R49,p92;R54,p109). Gauguin (and the others) received sensation, scorn and ridicule (R49,p92;R54,p102); Schuffenecker was hardly mentioned (R54,p102). Some sources claim that the name ‘Impressionnistes’ in the tittle was detained for propaganda reasons (R74,p364). But one review stated that only Anquetin and Bernard were the Synthétistes (R54,p102). The works Schuffenecker exhibited mostly were Impressionist or Neo-Impressionist in style.

The partakers:

Louis Anquetin:
Louis Anquetin exhibited 7 works (no.1-6bis), including two studies of horses (no.4+5) and a fan (no.6bis).

Émile Bernard:
Émile Bernard exhibited 23 works under several numbers (7-19bis + 75-82 + 86+88). Number 88 contained several caricatures bretonnes, probably drawings. Numbers 80-82 were watercolour studies. The drawing in the catalogue with the title ‘Rêverie’ maybe corresponds no.86 ‘Femme et oies’. Visible on request were also some lithographs of Bernard. Bernard also exhibited under the pseudonym Ludovic Nemo two ‘peintures pétrole’ (catalogue numbers 74+87). So in total Bernard exhibited 25 works, which is most of all. (Note: Porro (wrongly) writes he exhibited 24 works; R54,p99). It is unsure if the represented picture in the catalogue corresponds no.88 ‘Après-midi à Saint-Briac’.

Georges Daniel:
Pseudonym of Georges-Daniel de Monfreid (iR4;R36,p81). He exhibited 3 works (no. 20-21bis). Note: the drawing of ‘Femme lisant’ doesn’t correspond any of the titles.

Léon Fauché:
Léon Fauché exhibited 5 pastels (no.22+23+25+26+28). Note: the drawing of a peasant that is represented in the catalogue, doesn’t correspond one of the titles.

Paul Gauguin:
Of Paul Gauguin there were 17 works noted in the catalogue (no.31-47), including 2 pastels (no.39+41) and 1 watercolour (no.42). According to Crussard Gauguin also exhibited some works outside the catalogue (R181,no248+253). Visible on request were lithographs on zink, also called zincographie (iR19;iR4). Several of these works are now in the Musée de Pont-Aven, see link. Note the drawing in the catalogue titled ‘Les Faneuses’ doesn’t seem to corresponds any of his paintings.

Charles Laval:
Charles Laval exhibited 10 works (no.84+85 + 89-96). No.96 was a watercolour. Most works represented Pont-Aven and Martinique.

Louis Roy:
Louis Roy exhibited 7 works (no.49-54bis). Note: the drawing or etch in the catalogue titled ‘gardeur de cochons’ doesn’t seem to correspond any of the titles.

Émile Schuffenecker:
Émile Schuffenecker exhibited 20 works (no.55-73 + 83). No.55 was a pastel, no. 56+78 were still lifes, the other works were (probably) landscapes. No.83 was a portrait made of ‘peinture pétrole’. See link for an extended impression of his exhibited pictures. See link for an account.

The catalogue on archive.org (iR19). Monneret renders the titles of the catalogue (R88II,p441/2). Info in French on WikiPedia (iR4). See also Porro (1992=R54). For links for the general references (=Rx) and the internet references (=iRx). For info on the subscription of the paintings see.
Note 1: the catalogue was a bit jumbled, some numbers have a bis number (no.6+19+21+54), several numbers are left out (no.24+27+29+30+48+86+88), the catalogue numbers of several partakers are not contiguous, some partakers exhibited (also) under a pseudonym, some works were exhibited outside the catalogue, the reproductions in the catalogue (mostly) doesn’t seem to correspond with the titles (iR19;iR4;R181).
Note 2: there was no Augustin among the partakers (R5,p169), probably this is a miswriting for Anquetin↑.



Citation: Please do not quote from this webpage, which is under construction. The information is incomplete and maybe partly incorrect.