1886 New York

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Meta-Impressionism / other exhibitions

New York 1886

Works by the Impressionists of Paris


Sue Roe starts the prologue of her book “The private lives of the Impressionists” with the visit of Durand-Ruel at the American Art Association in the preparation of a large exhibition of about 300 works, all loans by Durand-Ruel, called “Works in Oil and Pastel by the Impressionists of Paris“. Sue Roe writes “he was making history” (R4,p2). And indeed this was the first (large) exhibition in the USA with the term “Impressionists” in it’s title. So, which artists and what art-works were presented as being Impressionists?

The exhibitions:
From the 10th of  April 1886 there was an exhibition organised by the American Art Association at the American Art Galleries (=AAG; 6 East 23d Street, New York) and from the 25th of May till June at the National Academy of Design (=NAD). It was (R22IV,p1017;R116,p363). At the American Art Galleries there were 289 works exhibited divided in 5 galleries: A (=nos.1-34); B (=35-107; pastels and watercolours); C (=108-148); D (=149-208) and E (=209-289). See also the links to the catalogue at the bottom of this page. At the National Academy of Design some additional works were exhibited (R22;R116). The introduction in the catalogue was written by Théodore Duret. Already in the Fall of 1885 Durand-Ruel had plans for this large group exhibition (R2,p440).


The partakers:
There were many works exhibited of the 5 key Impressionists: Monet (46x -/-  5x wrongly assigned with works of Manet), Morisot (wrongly written as Morizot; 8x only in the C gallery), Pissarro (41x including 23x in the B gallery), Renoir (35x, including 5x in the B gallery; with in total 6x still lifes) and Sisley (14x). At the National Academy of Design there were at least 8 additional works of Monet exhibited (this gives a total of 46-5+8=49) and at least one by Pissarro (41+1=42). Raeburn states that the same 38 art-works of Renoir were exhibited at the NAD (R31,p315), but the AAG catalogue only renders 35 art-works.
Many other partakers of the ‘impressionist’ expositions were present. Boudin (22x!; note SeSelz states it were 23 works; R161,p73), Caillebotte (10x), Desboutin (4x; also wrongly named Desboutins), Degas (20x, namely in the B gallery), Forain (4x), Guillaumin 7 (most in the C gallery), Lépine (2x in the E gallery), Seurat (3x in the C gallery), Signac (6x, mostly in the C gallery; none were sold). Some sources state the there were several works of Cassatt exhibited (R44,p140), but she is not mentioned in the AAG catalogue.

There also were works exhibited of several Para-Impressionists: Armand Dumaresq (1x in gallery A); Benassit (1 study in gallery B); Besnard (1 interior in gallery A); John Lewis Brown (16x!, many horsemen; many in the B gallery); Fleury Chenu (probably the same as Henry Chenu; 2x); (probably) Fantin-Latour (1 still life; named Fautin); Flameng (8x; mainly marines); Huguet (3x, namely African scenes); (D.) Langée, probably meant is Désirée Laugée (2x); J. Paul Laurens (1x in gallery A); (Henri?) Lerolle (1x in the A gallery); Manet (15x?; at least 5x wrongly named Monet); Mélin (4x in the A gallery, 3 of them depicting dogs); (Frédéric?) Montenard (3 landscapes); (Alfred?) Roll (1 study in the A gallery); (Charles?) Serret (10x all in the B gallery).
At the A and E gallery there were many partakers.

  • Degas (23x), Monet (48x), Pissarro (42x), Renoir (38x), and Manet (17x)
    05/25-June: in the National Academy of Design; with Monet (18x?), Renoir (38x),


The catalogue:
You will find the catalogue of the exhibition at the American Art Gallery (=NY-AAG-1886) rendered in the alphabetical order of the partakers. The catalogue doesn’t seem fully correct, namely 5 works of Manet or attributed to Monet. For a link to the original catalogue see at the bottom of this page. When known I render also additional data about the exhibition at the National Academy of Design (=NY-NAD-1886). When known I also render what actual work (probably) was exhibited, referring to the number in the Catalogues Raisonné (=CR) of Monet (=R22) and the Critical Catalogue of Paintings (=CCP) of Pissarro (=R116).

Armand Dumaresq:
NY-AAG-1886-12, Washington.

NY-AAG-1886-96, Study, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-24, By candle light.


NY-AAG-1886-4, Village on border of a river.

NY-AAG-1886-6, Group of boats.

NY-AAG-1886-32, Cabins at Berck.

NY-AAG-1886-72, Boats off Trouville, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-74, Beach of Trouville, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-153, Docks at Deauville.

NY-AAG-1886-163, Washerwomen of Trouville.

NY-AAG-1886-166, Washerwomen of Trouville.

NY-AAG-1886-176, Rotterdam.

NY-AAG-1886-195, Church in Brittany.

NY-AAG-1886-196, Stranded boats.

NY-AAG-1886-231, Maine view. (sic Marine view)

NY-AAG-1886-234, Docks of Trouville.

NY-AAG-1886-243, Coast of Brittany

NY-AAG-1886-245, Marine view, evening.

NY-AAG-1886-248, Shipping of the Thames.

NY-AAG-1886-251, Marine, morning.

NY-AAG-1886-252, Marine, the setting sun.

NY-AAG-1886-255, Ships of the State.

NY-AAG-1886-256, Three-masted Frenchman.

NY-AAG-1886-260, Port Trouville.

NY-AAG-1886-262, Scene at Paimpol (?).

NY-AAG-1886-263, Morning in the harbor.


John Lewis Brown:

NY-AAG-1886-2, The chase.

NY-AAG-1886-14, The Start.

NY-AAG-1886-34, Souvenir de L’Île de Wight.

NY-AAG-1886-75, Departure for the chase, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-88, The groom, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-89, Jockey, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-90, Steeple chase, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-93, Jockey, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-94, Cavaliers, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-95, Horse in the woods, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-97, Staff Officiers, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-98, Cavalier, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-200, Dragoons en Reconnaissance.

NY-AAG-1886-233, Horses drinking.

NY-AAG-1886-247, Staff Officers.

NY-AAG-1886-264, Horses crossing a river.


(G.) Caillebotte:
Note: Berhaut suggests that 11 works of Caillebotte were exhibited and that no.28 in the catalogue was CR36, Jeune homme au piano. But this is not affirmed in the catalogue, so I will not follow Berhaut in this. Main source for the additional info: Marie Berhaut, Catalogue Raisonné (1994=R102,p283+CR numbers).

NY-AAG-1886-3, Portrait of a gentleman.

NY-AAG-1886-30, The planers.

NY-AAG-1886-114, Snow effect.

NY-AAG-1886-132, Landscape, Study in yellow and rose.
(Note: Berhaut wrongly notes this was no.135 in the catalogue.)

NY-AAG-1886-136, Landscape, study in yellow and green.

NY-AAG-1886-146, Child in a garden.
=? CR70.

NY-AAG-1886-186, Paddling Canoe.
=? CR87.

NY-AAG-1886-191, Trees in blossom.

NY-AAG-1886-230, Before the window.
=CR32 or 140.

NY-AAG-1886-272, The Rowers.


Fleury-Chenu / Henry Chenu:

NY-AAG-1886-13, Marine view.

NY-AAG-1886-20, The blacksmith.


Denvir (wrongly) writes that 23 art-works were shown of Degas, while the AAG catalogue mentions 20 numbers (R5,p153).
One of the works that was exhibited was The singer in green (1884ca) (R5,p153).

NY-AAG-1886-17, Ballet de Robert le Diable.

NY-AAG-1886-35, Women in a café, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-38, Visit to the museum, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-42, Danseuse, pastel or watercolour

NY-AAG-1886-47, Washerwomen, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-50, Danseuse tirant son bas, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-52, Danseuses, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-55, Danseuse, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-57, Singer of the Concert Café, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-63, Le Violin, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-64, La toilette, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-67, Chorus d’Opéra, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-68, Danseuse, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-69, Modiste, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-83, Danseuse, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-91, Behing the wings, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-99, Repetition de danse, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-100, Danseuse, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-106, Drawing the curtain, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-288, Jockeys.


Desboutin / Desboutins (sic):

NY-AAG-1886-5, Enfants.

NY-AAG-1886-167, Portrait de l Ami “Cauchois”.

NY-AAG-1886-174, The knitting woman.

NY-AAG-1886-266, Enfants.


Fautin (sic?; maybe: Fantin-Latour):
NY-AAG-1886-241, Roses.

(Auguste) Flameng:

NY-AAG-1886-7, Fishing boats.

NY-AAG-1886-18, The departure.

NY-AAG-1886-182, The Quai at Honfleur.

NY-AAG-1886-189, Low tide at Honfleur.

NY-AAG-1886-208, Rough weather.

NY-AAG-1886-271, Docks at Honfleur.

NY-AAG-1886-275, In the London docks.

NY-AAG-1886-285, Wrecks at Bordeaux.



NY-AAG-1886-101, Femme aux fleurs.

NY-AAG-1886-164, Aux follies Bergères.

NY-AAG-1886-237, La loge.

NY-AAG-1886-242, Le cabinet de toilette.



NY-AAG-1886-40, Plain of Châtillon, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-109, Route de Damiette.

NY-AAG-1886-117, View at Damiette.

NY-AAG-1886-118, Valley of the Yuette.

NY-AAG-1886-121, Paysage à Damiette.

NY-AAG-1886-130, Quai de la Tournelle.

NY-AAG-1886-137, Quai Bourbon à Paris.



NY-AAG-1886-10, An Encampent in Africa.

NY-AAG-1886-25, Horses bathing.

NY-AAG-1886-238, African scene.


(D.) Langée: (sic?)

NY-AAG-1886-11, The Thrasher

NY-AAG-1886-51, Woman reading, pastel or watercolour.


J. Paul Laurens:

NY-AAG-1886-9, Death of General Marceau.



NY-AAG-1886-281, The bridge of St. Michel.

NY-AAG-1886-289, Moonlight in Paris.


NY-AAG-1886-29, The organ.


Note: the AAG catalogue assigns just 10 numbers to Manet, but 5 works assigned to Monet are made by Manet. Denvir (wrongly) writes that 17 works of Manet were shown (R5,p153). One of those works would be: 1873, 1CR207, The Railway, 93×114, NGA Washington =S1874-1260, Le chemin de fer, Gare Saint-Lazare (iR2;iR1;R5,p153), but this doesn’t seems to be affirmed by the AAG catalogue.

NY-AAG-1886-1, Portrait of De Fauvre (as Hamlet)
I assume this was a writing error and that is meant: Portrait of Fauré as Hamlet (1876-77).

NY-AAG-1886-15, Race-course.

NY-AAG-1886-21, Portrait de Rochefort.
=!? 1881, Portrait de M. Henri Rochefort, 81×67, Kh Hamburg =S1881-A (iR2;iR1)

NY-AAG-1886-22, Le Fifre de la garde.
=1866, The Fifer, 160×98, Orsay =S1866-R, Le Fifre (iRx;M1)

NY-AAG-1886-23, Nature morte.

NY-AAG-1886-178, Combat du Kerseage et de L’Alabama. (sic Monet)

NY-AAG-1886-190, The bull fight. (sic Monet)

NY-AAG-1886-192, Dans la Serre. (sic Monet)
=!? 1879, CR1-289, Dans la Serre, In the Conservatory, 115×150, NNG SM Berlin (iR2)

NY-AAG-1886-223, L’Assommoir. (sic Monet)

NY-AAG-1886-227, Lola de Valence. (sic Monet)

NY-AAG-1886-236, Le Buveur d’Absinthe.
=1858-59, The Absinthe Drinker, 181×106, NCG Copenhagen =S1859-R, Le Buveur d’Absinthe (iRx;R71,no16;R5,p153).

NY-AAG-1886-240, The mendiant.

NY-AAG-1886-244, Un philosophe.

NY-AAG-1886-249, A game of croquet.

NY-AAG-1886-254, On the balcony.
=1868-69, CR1-134, The Balcony, 170×125, Orsay =S1869-1616, Le balcon (iRx;R5,p60+153;M1)



NY-AAG-1886-8, Footman.

NY-AAG-1886-16, French hound.

NY-AAG-1886-26, French Pointer.

NY-AAG-1886-33, Bull dog.


Note: Durand-Ruel has sold many of these exhibited works in 1886. Some of these works first were exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ expositions in Paris, some at international “impressionist” expositions in London and some at a solo exposition at the Durand-Gallery in Paris in 1883. Denvir (wrongly) claims that Monet exhibited 48 works (R5,p153). The AAG catalogue renders 46 numbers of which 5 wrongly were assigned to Monet and the NAD catalogue additionally renders 8 numbers, so this makes 46-5+8=49 works.
Main source for the additional info: The catalogue raisonné by Wildenstein (1996=CR22).

NY-AAG-1886-28, Breaking of ice on the Seine.
=CR566 =LE-1904-97. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1881/02 (?) and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-31, Low tide at Pourville.
=CR776 =DR1883-9 (solo expo). Bought by Durand-Ruel 1882/10 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-108, Snow at Port Villers.
=CR962. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1885/12 and sold in 1896.

NY-AAG-1886-123, Mail post at Etretat.
=CR1035 or 1037. Both probably bought by Durand-Ruel 1885/12.

NY-AAG-1886-131, Cap d’Antifer.
=CR1039 =Saint-Louis-EU-1904-2. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1885/12 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-135, A farm.
=CR289 =DR1883-353. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1873/12 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-151, The Seine at Lavacour.
(Note the name is missing in the catalogue.) =CR578 =SdAF-1880-2681 =Le Havre-1880-328. Bought by Durand-Ruel in 1881 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-154, Study of willow trees.

NY-AAG-1886-157, Canal in Holland.

NY-AAG-1886-158, A wheat field.
=CR676 or 753. CR753 was bought by Durand-Ruel 1883/01 and probably sold in 1886 to W.H. Fuller in New York and / or CR CR676 was sold to W.H. Fuller in New York, but Wildenstein doesn’t indicate that it was ever purchased by Durand-Ruel.
CR676 =? 7IE-1882-88.

NY-AAG-1886-168, The Seine at Giverny.
=CR1006 or 1007. Both bought by Durand-Ruel 1885/12.

NY-AAG-1886-169, Cabin at Pourville.

NY-AAG-1886-171, Valle Buone, Bordighera.
=CR858. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1884/06 and sold in 1888/02/21

NY-AAG-1886-172, Near Monte Carlo.
=CR851 = Florence-PMI-1910-40. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1884/06 and sold in 1890.

NY-AAG-1886-177, The Seine at Argenteuil.

(NY-AAG-1886-178, Combat du Kerseage et de L’Alabama.)
Note: this was probably a work by Manet.

NY-AAG-1886-183, Pavé de Chailly.
=CR19 =S1866-1387 =Pittsburgh-PFI-1908-51. Probably bought by Durand-Ruel 1872 for 500fr from O’Doard and sold in 1886. Again purchased by Durand-Ruel in 1895.

NY-AAG-1886-184, The setting sun.
=CR782. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1883/12 and sold in 1886.

(NY-AAG-1886-190, The bull fight.)
Note: this was probably a work by Manet.

(NY-AAG-1886-192, Dans la Serre.)
Note: this was probably a work by Manet.

NY-AAG-1886-193, Near Havre.

NY-AAG-1886-198, Fog effect near Dieppe.
=CR724 =DR1883-45 (solo expo) ? Chicago-EU-1893-3009. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1882/04 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-199, Looking seaward from Dieppe.

NY-AAG-1886-203, Station at St. Lazare.
=CR438 =?3IE-1877-102. Provenance: Bought by Caillebotte 1878, 1894 part of his legacy, 1896 Musée du Luxembourg. Note: so it must have been a loan by Caillebotte.

NY-AAG-1886-205, Branch of Lemon Tree.
=CR888. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1885/05 and sold in 1930 (?).

NY-AAG-1886-212, Landscape at Giverny.
=CR997. Probably bought by Durand-Ruel 1885/09 and sold 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-216, Morning at Pourville.
=CR711 =DR1883-43 (solo expo). Bought by Durand-Ruel 1882/04 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-217, Dahlias.
=CR625 =DR1883-46 (solo expo). Bought by Durand-Ruel 1881/02 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-219, Evening on the Seine.
=CR702 Bought by Durand-Ruel 1882 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-222, Vue de Vétheuil.

(NY-AAG-1886-223, L’Assommoir.)
Note: this was probably a work by Manet.

NY-AAG-1886-225, Low tide.

(NY-AAG-1886-227, Lola de Valence.)
Note: this was probably a work by Manet.

NY-AAG-1886-239, Sea coast at Pourville.

NY-AAG-1886-246, View in Holland.

NY-AAG-1886-250, Le jardin de Monet à Vétheuil.

NY-AAG-1886-253, In the meadow.

NY-AAG-1886-267, Springtime at Giverny.
=CR987. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1885/09 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-268, On the coast at Pourville.

NY-AAG-1886-270, Poppies in bloom.
=CR1000. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1885/09 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-273, An Autumn morning.
=CR911. Purchased by Durand-Ruel 1884/11, sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-276, The little Island of Port Viller.
=CR835. Purchased by Durand-Ruel 1883/12, sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-278, Trouville.
=CR157. Provenance: Durand-Ruel (1871/06); Hoschedé (1877/01); Hoschedé sale (HD1878/06/05-47); Mary Cassatt; Cassatt family; Durand-Ruel (1883), who sold it in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-282, Petit bras d’Argenteuil.
=CR290 =? 2IE-1876-148 =? London-IE-1882 =DR1883-7 or 50 (solo expo) =London-SdI-1883-16 =London-ETI-1884. Bought by Durand-Ruel from Oudard in 1882 and sold in 1886.

NY-AAG-1886-283, Still life, Tea service.
=CR244. Purchased by Durand-Ruel 1872/11 from Monet. It was for sale at Hôtel Drouot 1873/02/17 (and bought again by Durand-Ruel?) and sold in 1901.

NY-AAG-1886-287, The setting sun at Etretat.
=? CR817. Purchased by Durand-Ruel 1883/11, sold in 1899.

And additional at the National Academy of Design:
Note: 5 works were exhibited earlier that year with Les XX in Brussels. Probably 3 works were private loans.
Main source for the additional info: The catalogue raisonné by Wildenstein (=CR22).

=CR628 = 7IE-1882-78 =DR1883-14 (solo expo) =XX1886-7. Purchased by Durand-Ruel 1881/10, sold in 1886.

=CR634 =DR1883-18 (solo expo) = XX1886-6. Purchased by Durand-Ruel 1881/12, sold in 1886.

=CR752 =XX1886-9. Purchased by Durand-Ruel 1883/12, sold in 1886.

=CR874 =XX-1886-10. Purchased by Durand-Ruel 1884/06, sold in 1943 (?).

=CR653 =7IE-1882-77 = 4EIP-GP-1885-74 = XX-1886-8. Purchased by Durand-Ruel 1881/05 and sold in 1886.

=CR328. Part of the Hôtel Drouot sale 1875/03/24 under no.1 (sold for 255fr) or 13 (sold for 190fr). Purchased by Durand-Ruel (1881ca.) and sold in 1883 to M. (Alexander J.) Cassatt, who owned it around 1886.

NY-NAD-1886-301, Banks of the Meuse, à A. J. Cassatt.
=? CR174. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1873/02/28, sold to Mary Cassatt for her brother Alexander J. Cassatt 1881/04/09.

=CR306. Part of the Havemeyer collection since 1874. No notification that is was purchased by Durand-Ruel.




NY-AAG-1886-27, Grande route de Toulon à la Seine.

NY-AAG-1886-175, Waiting for a breeze.

NY-AAG-1886-224, Return of the boats.


Morizot (sic):

NY-AAG-1886-139, In the garden.

NY-AAG-1886-140, Peasant hanging out linen.

NY-AAG-1886-141, The Toilette.
=1875ca (R5,p153).

NY-AAG-1886-142, Portrait de Mme. X.

NY-AAG-1886-143, Port at Nice.

NY-AAG-1886-144, Beach at Nice.

NY-AAG-1886-147, Marine view.

NY-AAG-1886-148, Young girl with umbrella.


Note: Some works have also been exhibited elswhere. Durand-Ruel didn’t seem to have sold much shortly after this exhibition in 1886. My main source for the additional info is the Critical Catalogue of Paintings of Pissarro (=R116).

NY-AAG-1886-37, View of Rouen, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-44, The return to the farm, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-45, Washing, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-59, Cow tender, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-60, Peasant woman, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-62, Cutting grass, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-66, Vegetable market à Pontoise, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-71, White frost, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-77, Country women, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-78, Goat tender, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-79, Wheat Market, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-80, Country woman in the field, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-81, Woodman, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-82, Harvesting Beets, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-84, Flowers, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-85, The market place, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-86, Peasant at work, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-87, Femme Eccroupia, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-92, Peasants near Pontoise, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-102, Women in the field, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-103, Potato gatherers, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-104, Reaping, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-105, Country girl knitting, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-111, Landscape.

NY-AAG-1886-113, Peasant girl.
=? CCP653 =Tours-1882 =DR1883-8 (solo expo). Bought by Durand-Ruel 1882/02/25 and sold 1910/02/16.

NY-AAG-1886-115, Vue de Bazincourt, soleil couchant.
=? CCP790. Bought by Durand-Ruel around 1888.

NY-AAG-1886-119, Farm view.

NY-AAG-1886-125, Landscape with figure.

NY-AAG-1886-127, A road, snow effect.
=? CCP783 =DR1892 (solo expo). Bought by Durand-Ruel before 1890.

NY-AAG-1886-138, Meules.
=? CCP811. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1885/11/30.

NY-AAG-1886-145, Woman and child.
=? CCP688 =Tours-1882 =DR1883-10 (solo expo). Bought by Durand-Ruel 1882/08/05 and sold 1888/02/27.

NY-AAG-1886-160, Peasants at work.

NY-AAG-1886-162, Route de Pontoise.
=? CCP645 =7IE-1882-102. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1882/03/02 and he still owned it in 1941.

NY-AAG-1886-179, Street in winter.

NY-AAG-1886-180, Landscape.

NY-AAG-1886-187, Pontoise.

NY-AAG-1886-194, Le repos
=? CCP684 =Tours-1882 =DR1883-67 (solo expo). Bought by Durand-Ruel 1882/06/28 and sold 1888/04/24.

NY-AAG-1886-202, Cours la Reine à Rouen.
=CCP726. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1883/12/22 and sold 1929/03/22.

NY-AAG-1886-214, Stone bridge at Rouen.
=CCP728. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1883/12/22, sold 1933/02/09.

NY-AAG-1886-228, Convent of Gisors.
=CCP801. Bought by Durand-Ruel 1885/10/26.

NY-AAG-1886-261, Place of the Republic at Rouen.
=CCP732 =DR1892 (solo expo). Bought by Durand-Ruel 1883/12/22 and sold 1892/05/18.

And additional at the National Academy of Design:

NY-NAD-1886-307, Peasant girls in Normandy.



NY-AAG-1886-36, Head of a young girl, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-39, Femme au corset, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-73, Portrait de M’lle Samary, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-76, Head of a young girl, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-107, The bather, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-110, Flowers.

NY-AAG-1886-116, Flowers.

NY-AAG-1886-122, Apples.

NY-AAG-1886-126, Melons and figs.

NY-AAG-1886-149, Portrait of Mlle. M.D. R.

NY-AAG-1886-152, Young lady in a garden.

NY-AAG-1886-156, Portrait of a lady.

NY-AAG-1886-165, Portrait of Mlle. Samary.

NY-AAG-1886-173, Fisherman’s children.

NY-AAG-1886-181, On the terrace.
=!? 1881, CR378, Sur la terrasse (at Fournaise) (Two Sisters), 101×81, AI Chigago (iR74;R30,no471;R3,p215) bought by Durand-Ruel in 1881. =7IE-1882-138.

NY-AAG-1886-185, Le déjeuner à Bougival.
=1880-81, CR379, Le déjeuner des canotiers (Fournaise), 129×172, Phillips coll Washington (iR10;R30,no468;R31,no52;R3,p220;R5,p132+153) =7IE-1882-140

NY-AAG-1886-188, A box at the Opera.

NY-AAG-1886-197, Rain in Paris.

NY-AAG-1886-204, La danse à Bougival.
=1882-83, CR438, la Danse a Bougival, 179×96, MFA Boston (R3,p236;R30,no554;R31,no67;R5,p134+153)

NY-AAG-1886-206, A windy day at Guernsey.

NY-AAG-1886-207, Portraits of the Mlles. D. R.

NY-AAG-1886-209, Au cirque.

NY-AAG-1886-210, Portrait of Wagner.

NY-AAG-1886-211, The bather.

NY-AAG-1886-213, A servant.

NY-AAG-1886-214, The bath.

NY-AAG-1886-218, Sail boats on the Argenteuil.

NY-AAG-1886-220, Baigneuse au bord de la Mer.

NY-AAG-1886-259, Woman reading.

NY-AAG-1886-263, Venice.

NY-AAG-1886-269, After the bath.

NY-AAG-1886-274, Pivoines.

NY-AAG-1886-279, La toilette de l’enfant.

NY-AAG-1886-280, Preparing for the bath.

NY-AAG-1886-284, Geraniums and cats.

National Academy of Design:
Raeburn states that the same 38 art-works of Renoir were exhibited (R31,p315), but the AAG catalogue only renders 35 art-works. Denvir also mentions 38 works (R5,p153).


NY-AAG-1886-19, Étude.


NY-AAG-1886-41, A balustrade, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-43, Children picking flowers, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-46, The dispute, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-48, Music, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-49, Crown of flowers, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-53, Children playing with a boat, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-54, On the sofa, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-56, Bobo !, pastel or watercolour

NY-AAG-1886-58, The musical instrument, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-61, Les Sonis aux petits, pastel or watercolour.



NY-AAG-1886-112, Island Grande Jatte.
=? 1885, DR138, Un dimanche après-midi à l’Île de la Grande Jatte, 71×104, Metropolitan (iR6;R3,p259)

NY-AAG-1886-133, 12 Studies.

NY-AAG-1886-170, Bathing.
=1883-84, Bathing at Asnières, 201×300, NG London (iR6;iR2;R3,p254;R5,p139+153)



NY-AAG-1886-70, From my window, pastel or watercolour.

NY-AAG-1886-120, La ville Loue à St. Brieux.

NY-AAG-1886-124, Quai de la Tournelle.

NY-AAG-1886-128, Le Bichet.

NY-AAG-1886-129, La Grue de Charbon Clichy.

NY-AAG-1886-133, La Jetée d’Amont.


Note: Gale (wrongly) mentions that there were 15 works shown in 1885 (sic) in New York (R53,p141); Denvir mentions the same number of exhibited works (R5,p153).

NY-AAG-1886-150, Bougival.

NY-AAG-1886-155, Cloudy weather.

NY-AAG-1886-159, The beach at Veneaux.

NY-AAG-1886-161, Effect of snow at Marly.

NY-AAG-1886-201, Rue de Marly in winter.

NY-AAG-1886-221, A garden.

NY-AAG-1886-226, On the Seine.

NY-AAG-1886-229, St. Mammès, le matin.

NY-AAG-1886-232, On the banks of the Seine.

NY-AAG-1886-235, Le Bac de L’Île de la loge.

NY-AAG-1886-257, Willow trees at Veneux.

NY-AAG-1886-258, Bridge of Bougival.

NY-AAG-1886-277, Landscape with figures.

NY-AAG-1886-286, Morning in Spring.





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