1877 expo partaking artists


Impressionism, the partakers of the expositions:

List of partaking artists

3rd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1877


On this page you will find the 18 artists that did partake in the 3rd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1877. You will also find the catalogue numbers, links to info, paintings and an account.
See links for the full 1877 catalogue, a slide show, info.
Explanation: hc = hors catalogue = outside the catalogue.
My main sources are Moffett, 1986 (=R2,p203-207), Berson (=R90I,p117-121), the Salon database of musée d’Orsay (=iR1) and the sources mentioned in the accounts..


List of artists:

  1. Caillebotte, Gustave:
    no. 1-6; info artist; paintings; account
  2. Cals, Adolphe-Félix:
    no. 7-16; info artist; paintings; account;
  3. Cézanne, Paul:
    no.17-32+hcinfo artist; paintings ; account
  4. Cordey, Frédéric:
    no.33-36; info artist; paintings; account
  5. Degas, Edgard:
    no. 37-61+hcinfo artist; paintings; account;
  6. Guillaumin, Armand:
    no.62-73; info artist; paintings; account
  7. Jacques-François:
    no. 74-75; info artist;
    (Note: pseudonym for probably Mme de Rambure)
  8. Lamy, Franc:
    no.76-79; info artist; account
  9. Levert, Jean-Baptiste-Léopold:
    no. 80-85; info artist; paintings; account;
  10. Maureau, Alphonse:
    no. 86-89; info artist
  11. Monet, Claude:
    no. 90-119+hcinfo artist; paintings; account;
  12. Morisot, Berthe:
    no. 120-131+hcinfo artist; paintings; account;
  13. Piette, Ludovic:
    no. 132-162; info artist; paintings; account ;
  14. Pissarro, Camille:
    no. 163-184; info artist; paintings; account
  15. Renoir, Pierre-Auguste:
    no. 185-205; info artist; paintings; account;
  16. Rouart, (Stanislas-)Henri:
    no. 206-210+hc; info artist; paintings; account;
  17. Sisley (Alfred):
    no. 211-227+hcinfo artist; paintings; account;
  18. Tillot, Charles:
    no. 228-241; info artist; paintings; account;



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