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Impressionism, a historical reconstruction

8 ‘impressionist’ expositions

1874 – 1886

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Starting in 1874 and ending in 1886 there were 8 group expositions held in Paris. These expositions were independent from the official Paris Salon-des-Beaux-Arts. Nowadays these expositions are known as the ‘impressionist’ expositions and they had an important influence on art-history.
On this page you will find links to info about these expositions, the eight catalogues, the partaking artists (with links to the exhibited paintings) and overviews of used techniques. Some partakers did exhibit outside the catalogue (=hc). And probably ‘Jacques François’ is the same person as Mme Comtesse de Rambure (=+1hc-1). (Note: most of the pages on the used techniques are not yet active = -/-).


Eight ‘impressionist’ expositions 1874 – 1886 in general:


1st ‘impressionist’ exposition 1874:


2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition 1876:


3rd ‘impressionist’ exposition 1877:


4h ‘impressionist’ exposition 1879:


5th ‘impressionist’ exposition 1880:


6th ‘impressionist’ exposition 1881:


7th ‘impressionist’ exposition 1882:


8th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1886:



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