1874-86 expositions


1874 – 1886 ‘impressionist’ expositions:

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Starting in 1874 and ending in 1886 there were eight group expositions held in Paris. These expositions were independent from the official Paris Salon-des-Beaux-Arts. Nowadays these expositions are known as the ‘impressionist’ expositions and they had an important influence on art-history.
In this page you will find links to info about these expositions, the eight catalogues, the partaking artists (with links to the exhibited paintings) and overviews of used techniques. (Note: most of the pages on the used techniques are not yet active = -/-).


Eight ‘impressionist’ expositions 1874 – 1886 in general:


1st ‘impressionist’ exposition 1874:


2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition 1876:


3rd ‘impressionist’ exposition 1877:


4h ‘impressionist’ exposition 1879:


5th ‘impressionist’ exposition 1880:


6th ‘impressionist’ exposition 1881:


7th ‘impressionist’ exposition 1882:


8th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1886: